The Designer


Anastasia Vitkina is known for the unexpected. The wide-ranging spectrum of her work spanning from home and fashion accessories to residential and furniture design is a testament to her unique talents and versatility. She collaborates with and enlists the various industries’ leading artisans and fashion brands to create grand residential interiors for a global celebrity clientele from the art world, business, and entertainment. She searches the world over for rich, modern materials to create one-of-a-kind, sumptuous pieces, all telling a story. Anastasia was raised in Moscow and moved to Manhattan in 1999 where she attended Parson School of Design and New York School of Interior Design.

The Collection

For her designs, Anastasia finds inspiration in art, history, and exploring the natural world. Her use of mother of pearl derives from her studies in art and design. Because of its seductive iridescent shimmer and natural elegance, the mother of pearl has been used in fashion and accessories, furniture design, even architecture for centuries. Artisans of every epoch have utilized pearl decorative inlays for all types of wood, ivory, metals, and numerous objets d’art. In our modern era, top jewelers Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels use mother of pearl in their original designs. When Anastasia discovered the mother of pearl, she envisioned having found a message in a bottle which had been drifting at sea containing a long-anticipated love letter from a far-away lover—it had that kind of impact.

Anastasia Vitkina Design evening bags possess the originality and superior craftsmanship of the prominent design houses with her use of rare materials and a skilled artisan’s attention to detail. Since childhood, Anastasia has been captivated by the beauty, elegance, and mystery of the sea world-qualities most attractive for a woman. Her evening bags are a reflection of this fascination: a woman and all her mystery elegantly held within mother of pearl, private and safe.

Formed over time in the churns and tumbles of the ocean, seashells are also connected to the moon as it drives the tides. Both the ocean and the moon have formidable feminine virtues that provide healing, relaxing, and loving energies. As a Pisces, Anastasia feels herself to be in her own element in working with shells. She shares a special kinship with the goddess of love and beauty depicted in Botticelli's The Birth of Venus (1484) - a creature so immensely feminine and yet unconsciously ravishing, born of the sea, peacefully, elegantly, catching a ride on a seashell to shore.

Designer Note: Anastasia Vitkina Designs is environmentally conscious and approaches commercial design with ecological sustainability in mind, respecting the blue economy, which is an ocean. Seashells are sourced from beaches and shores left by the tides as waste and only then are they harvested. This project helps the SIDS (small island & developing states) by providing jobs to the workers. Anastasia also collaborates on the ocean sustainable issues through the WATO organization at the UN.

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