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Our products are inspired by the dreamy depth of the ocean and meticulously handcrafted from seashells, exotic skins & woods. The chic accessories are designed for people who appreciate unique pieces that tell a beautiful story with attention to detail.

Mermaid Clutch - Silver Panel Clutch - Lavander Tribal Clutch - Black Lunchbox - Tiger Starfish Clutch - White

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Mermaid Clutch is a top selling award winning arm candy that is omni seasonal and versatile .

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About Us

Anastasia Vitkina Design evening bags possess the originality and superior craftsmanship of the prominent design houses with her use of rare materials and a skilled artisan’s attention to detail. Since childhood, Anastasia has been captivated by the beauty, elegance, and mystery of the sea world-qualities most attractive for a woman.  Her evening bags are a reflection of this fascination: a woman and all her mystery elegantly held within mother of pearl, private and safe.

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