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Our products are inspired by the dreamy depth of the ocean and meticulously handcrafted from sustainably sourced seashells, exotic skins & woods. The chic accessories are designed for people who appreciate unique pieces that tell a beautiful story with attention to detail.

Mermaid Clutch - Silver Lunch Box Clutch - Bordo Love Box Clutch Panel Clutch - Lavander Tribal Clutch - Black

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Mermaid Clutch is a top selling award winning rec carpet arm candy that is omni seasonal and versatile .

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About Us

Anastasia Vitkina Design  bags possess the originality and superior craftsmanship of the prominent design houses with her use of rare materials and a skilled artisan’s attention to detail. Anastasia has always been captivated by the beauty, elegance, and mystery of the sea world-qualities most attractive for a woman.  Her  bags are a reflection of this fascination: a woman and all her mystery elegantly held within mother of pearl, private and safe.

Formed over time in the churns and tumbles of the ocean, seashells are also connected to the moon as it drives the tides.  Both the ocean and the moon have formidable feminine virtues that provide healing, relaxing, and loving energies. As a Pisces, Anastasia feels herself to be in her own element in working with shells. She shares a special kinship with the goddess of love and beauty depicted in Botticelli's The Birth of Venus (1484) - a creature so immensely feminine and yet unconsciously ravishing, born of the sea, peacefully, elegantly, catching a ride on a sea shell to shore.

Designer Note: Anastasia Vitkina Designs is environmentally conscious and approaches commercial design with ecological sustainability in mind, respecting the blue economy, which is ocean. Seashells are sourced from beaches and shores left by the tides as a waste and only then are they harvested. This project helps the SIDS (small island & developing states) by providing jobs to the workers. Anastasia also collaborates on the ocean sustainable issues through WATO organization at the UN. 

In addition Anastasia supports various foundations that respond to the pandemics and BLM movement.

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